Full-Time Academic Scholarships:  Available for all areas of Hospitality and Tourism Management for Associate and Bachelor programs Scholarships range between $500 and $5,000 per academic year Scholarships are for specific programs and are not transferable to other programs without prior CHTA Education Foundation approval.
2023 Undergraduate Full-Time Student Scholarship Application
Caribbean Professional Development Program:  Available for today’s hospitality supervisors and managers with at least 4-years’ experience. The objective of this scholarship and program is to rapidly accelerate participants’ trajectory to senior leadership roles in the industry, with a scholarship of between 50-75% of the traditional program cost.
Apply for 2022 Caribbean Professional Development Program
Link:  https://learn.lesroches.edu/caribbean-executive-scholarship.html

“As we moved forward the classes got more challenging.  And while you move at your own pace, there are deadlines and a significant amount of work to accomplish. It’s a great support system on-line. The class on sustainability was so interesting.  I’m passionate about this subject. I’m excited to now progress to the Executive Masters modules”    Rehana Dorsett, Director of VIP Services- The Cove and Reef Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas and 2021 Caribbean Professional Development Program recipient.

“Being the recipient of the scholarship grant from CHTAEF has enriched my life. … I am eternally indebted to CHTAEF for making my dreams a reality.”

My name is La Toya Wallace and I am from the tiny twin Island State of Antigua and Barbuda.  My childhood dream was to be a hospitality professional, but my parents were not fond of the idea and I was encouraged to pursue a “white collar” job instead.  As a result, I became a teacher and have spent the last twenty years positively impacting the youth, but I never grew out of love with my affinity for the hospitality industry.

After much deliberation, I decided to launch into the field.  That decision led me to enrol into the undergraduate program at the School of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts at Monroe College.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to work in the front of the house or back of the house so I opted to undertake two degrees at once as I felt like I was playing catch.  I applied for the undergraduate Hospitality Management program as my major and the Baking and Pastry Arts program as my minor.

The reality of funding my tuition hit me after the joy of being accepted subsided.  To be honest, money is a scarce commodity as I am a single parent and a civil servant.  How was I going to pay for school? I couldn’t afford the financial burden of getting a loan to cover the cost, so I began to research scholarship foundations, and I came across Caribbean Hotels and Tourism Association Education Foundation (CHTAEF) and decided to give it a try.  I applied in 2016 and was successful.

This scholarship enabled me to not only pursue my dreams of attending college, but it was my trajectory into the industry.  I was able to connect with other giants in the industry and it gave me the connections that I needed to advance my career.  An opportunity came up in 2017 to participate in a study abroad program to Italy, and I knew that I had to capitalize on this.  But funding was needed again, so I re-applied in 2017 and was awarded another scholarship grant. 

Italy was an amazing experience! I went on a food tour of the Northern Region of Italy and did an internship at Cast Alimenti: being tutored by the Master chefs of Italy was a mind blowing experience. I learnt how to make fresh pasta, pizza, croissants, bread, desserts and pastries, and cake decoration on my internship. In addition, I got the first-hand experience of seeing cheese, wine, prosciutto, caviar, rice, olive oil and flour being produced.  The wine tasting, cheese tasting, and chocolate tasting was an added benefit. 

Being the recipient of the scholarship grant from CHTAEF has enriched my life. Had it not been for this institution, I would not be the holder of a double university degree, nor would I have been able to participate in the study abroad to Italy. I am eternally indebted to CHTAEF for making my dreams a reality. Today, I am better equipped to mould the upcoming cadre of hospitality professionals in Antigua and Barbuda. 

I implore you to be a beacon of light to others by giving to the CHTA foundation. 

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“I expanded my professional network and skills, traveled and learned how food changes lives,
and connected with students and chefs who were also positively impacted by CHTAEF.”

My name is Blaire Thompson and I am from the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas. Being raised in a country that thrives from tourism and hospitality made it quite difficult to not be eager to contribute to the same industry, specifically as a Chef. I first sought this interest in my high school’s Food & Nutrition class, which graduated into food competitions, volunteer events and networking with some of the nation’s culinary leaders.

That incessant effort to learn was recognized by the Caribbean Hotels & Tourism Association Education Foundation (CHTAEF) who awarded me a scholarship to study at a prestigious culinary school, Johnson & Wales University. As I was welcomed into one of the leading organizations in the hospitality industry, I expanded my professional network and skill,  traveled and learned how food changes lives, interned at the most magical place on earth, and connected with students and Chefs who were also positively impacted by CHTAEF. 

Through CHTAEF, I was constantly reminded not of what my country can do for me, but of what I can do for my country. As a recent first-generation college graduate, I am excited to take on the responsibility of being a young leader in The Bahamas ‘ culinary industry, and ensuring that as my country expands through tourism, we also sustain ourselves through the support of local resources. What CHTAEF recognized in me, as they do with many other young people is how important education is to build better leaders and subsequently a better future for the Caribbean.