In recent years, the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association Education Foundation has had the privilege of welcoming the support companies and educational institutions that are committed to helping the tourism industry in our region. Consider joining these socially-responsible companies and find out how you can have a part in advancing the good work of the Foundation.



As a Corporate Sponsor of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) Education Foundation, and Strategic Partner of the CHTA, Interval International has been a long-time supporter of the tourism industry in the Caribbean. Interval is committed to understanding the unique needs of the Caribbean region and providing products and programs tailored to this market.


Virgin Holidays was the first private organization to establish a corporate scholarship program through the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Foundation. Initially supporting Virgin Atlantic routes, Virgin Holidays has been selling holidays since 1985. The operator is best known for its commitment to ensure that the beautiful world we have inherited from our parents is passed on to our children. In addition to their environmental commitments, Virgin Holidays has a long term interest in the further economic development of the regions in which they operate..